Christian Converser: Current Refresh

First published on Christian Converser

This site is now running as a free site. We retain the domain name which is redirecting to this site, and our Facebook page. Mainly the issue is that we haven’t finalised the expectation of what this site will be for and whether to change its domain name to more fully reflect where we actually want it to go. An exercise last year to come up with a different name and domain didn’t actually achieve anything so we still don’t quite know what to do in that regard.

What will happen now is we will just write about our life experiences as Christians and see where that goes to. Expect to see some of that come out over the weeks ahead. We will then see where things go with that and give some fresh thought to the name of the site and the web address it should have.

These posts are syndicated to Facebook, but we do not regard Facebook as our primary platform, and will be continuing to generate the posts here on WordPress.