Christian Converser: Refocus

First published on Christian Converser

In July 2020, part of the Christian Events NZ site was migrated to a new one called Christian Converser, which you are reading now. This incorporates a few articles from the Christian Events NZ site. The CENZ site continues to run and receives redirected traffic from the domain. However this domain will not be renewed when it expires in April 2021 and the CENZ site will then be deleted. The CENZ site will, in the interim, be redirected to this site, Christian Converser, and its companion site, Christian Controverser. No decisions have been made about registering these blogs with custom domain names. At most we may consider registering a global domain and making these blogs subdomains of it, an alternative which may be cheaper is to host both blogs and some others on a WordPress web host provider.

In April 2020, we downgraded from a paid site to a free one using the domain with the site. We retain registration of which points to this site.

In December 2019, after a lot of consideration, we decided the site would keep its existing name and domain. However the purpose of the site has been changed, and will now include general articles and discussions relating to the wider issues of the Christian faith in NZ. Posts about conferences and seminars will be far fewer in number.

We first created the site in April 2019 as Christian Events NZ with the custom domain