Christian Converser: David French’s Take On Critical Race Theory

First published on Christian Converser

Critical Race Theory (CRT) has become the latest conservative evangelical bogeyman in the American church ever since the Trump Administrations, whereby a relatively obscure and mostly unknown set of concepts (outside of the legal profession, where it has been taught at academic level for some decades) suddenly attained a very questionable amount of prominence as an unjustifiable target of conservative wrath. In the last few years a great deal has been written and uttered on this topic but there is precious little being said about CRT that could be considered in any way informed. David French is a conservative Christian commentator who appears largely on a platform of opposition to Trumpism although little more is known about him by this blog. French’s qualification to expound on the subject of CRT is based on his legal qualifications attained as a member of the US military. CCNZ in publishing this endorsement of French’s informed and balanced commentary on CRT wishes to add the rider that this is not a wholesale endorsement of French’s views on all subjects. The blog notes that French, like many conservative US Christians, is implicitly supporting the undermining of democracy in wider America by endorsing the current US Supreme Court efforts to overturn the Federal abortion law, regardless of the wider concerns about SCOTUS politicisation which is a factor leading to this blog’s previous position suggesting the goal of conservative US Christianity across the board is a non-democratic theocracy.

Click here to read French’s Dispatch article on CRT.